Our Spirit

Creditas fundamental, Quality as Life


Business Philosophy

People foremost, more pay and benefits for more work,

Make unremitting efforts for prosperous development, change thought or change people


Employment Principle

The talents are provided with the broadest space for development.


Employee Regulations

Diligent, modest, self-discipline, self-improvement, dedication, unity

Study hard, improve professional skill, give play to advantages, promote efficiency

Don’t put off till tomorrow what should be done today. Better performance and higher objectives, rights and liabilities, responsible

Unity, hardworking, devotion, strive to be the first


Working Regulations

We make persistent efforts and are prepared for danger in times of smooth development.

We show understanding, give support and actively cooperatewith the related department in times of reform.

We make concerted efforts to overcome difficulties.


Our company takes “People Foremost, Green Benefits” as the objective and “Environmental Protection, Resource, Health” as the development theme and makes an outstanding contribution to solving the employment problem, promoting local economic development and expanding forest coverage and green area. It is expected to become the first board production base in North China in two years.


Our company pays more attention to improving customer experience: Our company develops more products to meet customer demands and establishes our ownterminal product plant. We believe that Xinxin products including furniture, floor board and door panel will be launched in the market in the near future. It is an irresistible trend, opportunity and challenge.


Our company pays more attention to brand appeal: We firmly believe that brand effectwill bring inexhaustible power for long-term development. We will pay more attention to brand appeal in the future so that “Xinxin”will be well known by every customer andbecome a synonym for high quality and trustworthy products.


Our company pays more attention to environmental protection and resource recycling: As a manufacturing enterprise, environmental problems are always the key factors restricting enterprise development. The air and noise pollution is inevitable in the production process. However, our company enhances monitoring ofexhaust gas and waste treatment, introduces advanced equipment, actively cooperates with supervision and inspection personnel and creates a safe work environment in order to protect the health of staff and environment. Meanwhile, our company attaches importance to resource recycling, saves energy and makes a contribution to protection of social environment.