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The Buyer's Guide for men 
At Waitable, just enter a UPC code. Or, use the product's Web page address at Amazon.
Now comes the fun part: Name your price! When the product hits your ideal price, you'll be notified!
You don't need to create an account with Waitable. But you will need to provide an e-mail address or phone number for notifications. 
Best Web Buys
Search dozens of on line stores to find the lowest price 
The Unwind Company
At Unwind you'll find the latest selection of Relaxation, Back, Body, Massage and Therapy Products Available 
Price Runner
Another fine comparison and shopping site that can help you make better decisions when buying just about anything. offers links to retailers as well as price comparisons.. but it also lists customer reviews of both product and provider. The site also says it will remove problem retailers in an effort to provide you with the best possible shopping experience.
Black Friday
It  pays to know which stores will be offering the best deals. They'll be advertised in circulars in your local paper.Want a sneak peek? Then visit Black Friday 2007. This site posts circulars released from inside sources. It’ll get you in the holiday shopping mood!
Price Protectr
This site watches prices at 58 different stores, including Amazon and Best Buy. 
Price Protectr is easy to use, and it's free. First, copy the URL from the product page of the online store. Then paste it into Price Protectr, include your e-mail address, and wait. If the price drops over the protection period, you'll get an e-mail. Just request a rebate.
Catalog Choice
Catalog Choice is a free service that lets you decline paper catalogs you no longer wish to receive
Philly's Italian Market (9th Street) 

Price Scan
Find the lowest prices available on and off the web.  Compare product features, vendor ratings and user reviews.
Take the hassle out of shopping
Expo TV
See what consumers are saying about products before you buy! 
Auction Bloopers
Save money by finding misspelled items on eBay. Take advantage of seller's misspellings and typos! 
Black Friday Ads
Black Friday Ads II
Black Friday Info 
Buy, sell, and trade locally.


Get the best coupons without touching the Sunday paper
Find deals, compare prices, read reviews and save money

My Simon
Comparison shopping
Red Envelope
The place for unique and personalized  Gifts for all occasions. 
Swap A Gift 
Where Gift Cards Meet Their Match
An opportunity to swap your unwanted gift cards for cash and other gift cards.

Garage Sale Hunter
Find a garage sale in your local area.  Not only do they provide you with a listing of garage sales near you, but they also generate a street map that you can follow directly to the location! 
Post your own garage sale so that it can be viewed by anyone on the Internet.  Simply provide them with the information and they will post your garage sale immediately!
Find Your Local Farmer's Market 
Gas Buddy

Find low gas prices in the U.S. and Canadas  
Whacky Stuff For Sale 
Want a rubber chicken?  Right here. Bigfoot action figure? Yep. Adhesive bandage strips that look like bacon? Oh, yeah. 
Parts Store 
Hard To Find Parts - America's Largest Source For Replacement Parts & Accessories  
Discontinued & Hard To Find Items 
Shop Local
Store Ads & Circulars From The Newspapers 
S&H Green Points    
Flowers 2 Mail
Send a virtual bouquet.
You can select from a variety of different vases. Then, select the flowers you would like to add. Just click and drag them to the vase.
When you're done, you can create a customized card. They may not be real flowers, but the recipient will appreciate the thought. And it's perfect for those who have allergies!
Barnes & Noble
Books, Textbooks, Used Books, CD's, DVD's 
Find out when stuff you want goes on sale.