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Pub Walk
Thirsty?  Hungry? can be just your first step toward something very satisfying.  Just click by and click on the city nearest you. The site then opens a map showing you pubs, bars and eateries nearest your location.  Click on the center target to move the map’s search area in and around the center of town or to outlying locations. 

Remember The Milk
Got something to do?  OK, got a few things to do?  Then you just might want to stop by  The site offers the opportunity for you to input your daily tasks into its reminder system.  You can see a map view, showing you your destinations, so that you can figure out what else is on the way from one to the other.   

Do My Stuff promises to help you “outsource your life.”
Here’s where you can put jobs that you want done up for bidding. Others can then browse the job, see what you’re willing to pay for it, and “bid” on their own to take on that job.
It’s entertaining enough to see what it is people simply just don’t want to do themselves.
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