Replace Missing Dishes and Silverware
Replacements Ltd. was founded specifically to replace missing pieces of sets. It has a huge inventory of china, crystal and silver. You can search through every available manufacturer and piece type.

Annual Credit Report  
You should check your credit report regularly. You'll find out if someone has opened credit accounts in your name.
You can obtain your free report once a year

National "Do Not Call" Registry       
The National "Do Not Call" Registry gives you a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls. You can register your home or mobile phone for free.

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Spot Crime
The most comprehensive online source of crime information.

Useful or Useless Information
(You be the judge)

Focuses on delivering information and services to people who need help with elder care

Living Will Registry
It’s an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn more about living wills and advance directives.  The site offers details on how to fill out your living will, and offers to register the information online, make them available to health care providers if and when they need them to make decisions about your care. 

What if you have a problem or fall victim to fraud when ordering overseas? That’s where can help. The site is the result of a joint effort by 13 countries to help protect consumers and share cross-border consumer complaints. Results aren’t guaranteed, but you’ll at least have a voice.

Here’s an i-something that has nothing to do with Apple Computer.  iTools is an all-in-one reference website that lets you search for just about anything from just one page.  Here you’ll find entry blanks for a dictionary, web search, area codes, language translation and quotations… you can even choose to have an entire website translated to another language. 

Heavens Above
If you're interested in satellites or astronomy, you've come to the right place! Our aim is to provide you with all the information you need to observe satellites such as the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle, spectacular events such as the dazzlingly bright flares from Iridium satellites as well as a wealth of other spaceflight and astronomical information.

Public Agenda
A nonpartisan opinion research and civic engagement organization helping Americans explore and understand critical issues

Rate It All offers consumers the chance to hear from other consumers and web surfers who have opinions to offer about local businesses, vendors and contractors. uses a simple star system to rank these merchants but you might benefit more from the comments added by those who have experienced the best and worst they have to offer.

Media Bistro
If you crave news, is for you.  The site is dedicated to those who create television, books, newspapers, movies, web sites – anything that you can read, watch or learn from.  Click here several times a day for updates on news stories, media issues and even industry gossip as more and more Americans come to appreciate the 24/7 lifestyle of life online and on the air.  If you like what you see, and especially if you hate it, post your thoughts on the forums page.

Home Remedies For Common Issues

RefDesk is a one-stop shop for all of the latest news on just about any subject. 

The site features links to news sites, pictures, articles and other websites from the associated press to the Ziff Davis technology publishing group.  There’s also a dictionary, thesaurus, weather links and stock quotes, all on one page. 

Tech President
Now more than ever before, the Internet is playing an integral role in the selection of a president.  That’s the whole idea behind 

Veteran political bloggers offer news and views about how the candidates are using the web.  Educate yourself before you cast your vote.  Also, click on the links to the candidates’ web pages, so that you can hear directly from them what their plans are should they be elected.

Convert World
You'll find a conversion calculator for any measurement you need.

TopTenz is all about top ten lists.  There’s the top ten ugliest sports uniforms, top ten wines under $10, top ten board games we secretly hate – there’s no method to the madness, only form – everything’s a top ten list. 

Browse by and click just a few links, and you’ll likely be reading for quite a while. It’s already a top ten favorite! 

Visualize World Statistics
It starts with a standard map of
the world. But selecting a topic    
modifies the map. Countries grow
and shrink to match the statistical data.

Find Out When Food Is In Season

Great Cleaning Tips 

 The Wayback Machine  
If you need to find something you read in the past, it could disappear. Browse through 40 billion web pages archived from 1996 to a few months ago.

Early Recorded Sounds & Wax Cylinders

Scoping Out The Predators
Just enter your ZIP code and run a search. You’ll see a list of convicted offenders. Click on a name to see a picture, and home and work addresses. In some cases, you’ll also see a risk level.

If you have children, visit this site. It will help you spot the dangers and avoid the unthinkable.

Rip Off Report
Billed as a site for consumers, by consumers, offers an outlet for people who’ve been, well, ripped off.  Unlike the Better Business Bureau, which may actually yield a resolution to your retail or contractor problem, the RipoffReport is more a place to vent your grievances.  But it’s also a place to do research before you enter into what may be a shaky deal.

Handicapped Fraud
Report a non-handicapped or suspicious driver taking up a handicap space.  Take the numbers of the plate and the handicapped placard.  Enter the information into the site’s database. The site will forward it to the appropriate agencies for investigation.

Behind The Name is an online search tool that can help you find the root meanings of today’s most popular and history’s most obscure names.  If you’re expecting, expect to spend more than a few minutes browsing the thousands of first names here before settling on your child’s moniker.

Charity Navigator
This site will help you find charities that suit your needs. But it provides so much more than just a list of charities.

You can learn more about the organizations. And you can review a charity’s financials. So you'll know how much of your donation goes to administration.

Charity Navigator will help you give wisely. It is up to you to give generously.

Baby Chatter
This is for new and expectant parents. From baby names and meanings to information about traveling and toilet training, you’ll walk away from this site a lot smarter than went you first logged on. Parents of multiples should check out the pages set aside for you, which can help you get discounts on buying in bulk for your babies… and managing your newly expanded family.

Any Who
This is AT&T’s online directory...finding, People, Places, and Businesses.

Ask Oxford
Free online dictionary resources from Oxford University Press.
There is the “ask the experts” link, which features the “frequently asked questions” list. 

Looking for recommendations for anything from a restaurant to a doctor?  Don’t yell for help… YELP! is an online resource where you can find customer reviews for just about anything.   From diners to dentists and from hotels to health spas, just about anything or anyone you can buy or patronize can be found here, along with the opinions of those who have gone before.  Just remember, if you use the site, be a good citizen and enter your opinions as well.

Comcast Must Die
This is not a death wish for Comcast or any other gigantic, blundering, greedy, arrogant corporate monstrosity. This is for an earnest desire for such companies to change their ways. This site offers an opportunity -- for you to vent your grievances (civilly, please) and for Comcast to pay close attention.

Science Daily
This site’s a good read just about any day of the year.  ScienceDaily scours the world for the most interesting science stories – from health to hurricanes and from planets to plankton, science fans of all ages will find something interesting here.  Click on the latest news, or browse by category.  You can even sign up for daily email alerts so that you don’t miss a single fact.

Run by the U.S. Census Bureau, the site features the statistics, details and information about the people who call this nation home.

Truth Dig
Winner of the 2007 Webby Award for “best political blog,” offers clips, links and commentary about the 2008 presidential race and other news of the day.

Fact Check
Are you just not sure who’s telling you the truth? might be just the site you need to help you separate fact from fiction, through analysis and easily clickable supporting documents. 

The site is run by the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg Public Policy Center, and promises to be a nonpartisan advocate for voters who are slogging through this election ad season.

Brighter Planet
Brighter Planet helps you do your part
to fight global warming and build
a clean-energy future.

Reviews and tests from the best sources...Testfreaks collects it all












"An Intelligent Organization For The Mindless"

Informative Sites

For those 50 and older......... 108 Senior Discounts     

Famous People Painting

This is an unusual painting and effort on the part of the artist.  Run your cursor over the people. It tells you who they are and (if you double click) provides a link to get their dossier.
This could keep you occupied for a while.

How Stuff Works 

The Longest List  
Ever wonder what the longest anything in the world is?  Find it here.

Get to know more about your city or town

Pedometer Calculator   
Calculate your run or walking route

Find Your Local Farmer's Market 

Have you ever wondered how often people search for certain phrases on Google?  There are many sites that will show you what people are trying to find.

Put in the two terms and click Make a fight. You'll see two animated stick figures duke it out. Then the winner is shown, along with the number of times each term was entered.

Visualize World Statistics

It starts with a standard map of
the world. But selecting a topic    
modifies the map. Countries grow
and shrink to match the statistical data.

World Clock  

Andy Rooney Tips for Handling Telemarketers

Andy Rooney Words of Wisdom

The Knot calls itself the most comprehensive resource for a couple planning that trip down the aisle.  With tools and advice to help you plan your wedding from the first budget to the tossing of the bouquet, also offers to help you create your own wedding web page that can help keep you organized, and your guests informed about the big day.

Washington Watch
Here’s a great site to bookmark now to educate your self about laws being passed by YOUR lawmakers. follows bills from the smallest committee to the floors of the House and Senate.  Find out what they are, and more importantly, how much they’ll COST you.

Bug Me Not
Here’s where you can access a workable user name and password without having to give up any of your personal information.  Simply type in the site you want to read, and receive a name and password that work.  It’s easy.

Many gadgets go into standby mode when they’re not in use. That means they’re drawing power.  Some have clocks that constantly tell the time. Other items go into standby mode so they power up faster.
You can see how much power gadgets use in standby mode.

Parent Hacks is a collaborative blog that offers advice, tips and pearls of wisdom for parents of kids of all ages.  Created by parents who have been there and done that, and supplemented by thousands of others who contribute, might just help you find the answer to your most perplexing parenting problems.

You can read about news stories from the past. Or, read an analysis of today’s news. There are also video blogs that you’ll find interesting.

If you’re planning on visiting Washington soon. In that case, find out more about the Newseum’s exhibits. It has seven levels of galleries dedicated to news exhibits!

There are also news trivia games and front pages from around the world. It is a news lover’s dream.

Review Gist
We read the reviews, so you don't have to.

World Wide Metric
A great conversion calculator

Find a lawyer... Free legal advice... Lawyer ratings

Hurricane tracking, mapping.

Urban Dictionary
What are your children saying?
As you would expect, there are plenty of foul words on Urban Dictionary. Many of the words and ideas will offend you. But you need to know what your children are saying.

Live Science
Live Science provides a wealth of science articles.
Both you and your children will find Live Science's articles fascinating. You'll also love the trivia and quizzes!

The world's finest resource for skyscraper and urbanism enthusiasts.

Helping Hands
When friends and family need help.

Stain Solutions
We've already done the dirty work to find all of the right stain solutions, and we've left the rest up to you.

Tick Removal
This is great, because it works in those places where it's some times difficult to get to with tweezers: between toes, in the middle of a head full of dark hair, etc.

Apply a glob of liquid soap to a cotton ball. Cover the tick with the soap-soaked cotton ball and swab it for a few seconds (15-20), the tick will come out on its own and be stuck to the cotton ball when you lift it away.

"Moldy" Cigars
If a friend complains that his cigars are moldy and he intends to discard them, ask to see them. If the “mold” turns out to be an even layer of fine crystals instead of spots of soft powder, take the cigars off of your friend’s hands, as this is a desirable condition known as “bloom”; oils exuded from the tobacco as a result of aging.