It was a dark and stormy wait...just kidding!

It was a beautiful summer night back in 2004 when 6 guys met in a local bar... go figure, 

Two of us were talking, now known as Tazooli & Booli...more on this later, about nothing... just nonsense.  I remember, we were in a booth when Booli said," Hey we should start an organization like we did in the late 80's.  I thought about it for a second  and said "let's do it".  We have to come up with a name and a that meant using our brains!!!

After a few days of contemplation, big word for us, I said to Booli " what do you think of The Fazooliheads?"

Well Fazool is the slang for Fagioli , beans, as in Pasta Fagioli.  Figuring we were all bean heads , it was perfect.

The beautiful part is the name had the word Zoo in it...perfect for us.  Every time we get together it's like a zoo.

So the adventure began!!!

The first criteria to join the Organization of Nonsense was you had to be looney plus pick a name that ended in "'ooli".  Once that was established were in.

For example, the Founding Fathers' names in alphabetical order are:

  • Booli
  • Drooli
  • Louooli
  • Russooli
  • Tazooli
  • Unrooli (He is that!)

As in any kingdom....these Mindless Men have their picture on  6 denominations of Fazooli Bucks...Click Here to take a peek!

After a few months we began to was like the Domino Effect.

Today there are 54 Fazooliheads... 2 of which are women  If your interested Click Here for the complete list.

Yes we do have apparel......Thanks for asking! 

Click Here  for the latest in Fazooliwear!

How  It All Began!


"An Intelligent Organization For The Mindless"