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Design A House and Figure Cost
Design Your Dream House
This free program will let you build your dream house from scratch. It’s easy to add and remove windows, walls and doors. You can even work on multiple levels.

You can also use the program to plan renovations to your current home. Then, you can give the drawings to your architect. Your architect will help make sure your designs are structurally sound.
Floor Planner
You can create custom plans with Floorplanner.  Test the room's layout by adding doors, windows, fixtures and furniture! The free version lets you create up to five floor plans.

You can save the floor plans and share them with others. You can also download them and print them out. Have fun!

Angie's List
A word-of-mouth network for consumers.
Angie's List is a growing collection of homeowners' real-life experiences with local service companies. The people who join Angie's List are like you — looking for a way to find trustworthy companies that perform high-quality work.
How To Clean Stuff
This site is a treasure trove of helpful cleaning tips. They'll help you get your house squeaky clean!
Housekeeping Help
( It provides tips to help you get the most  from your cleaning – in less time!)
Parts Store
This site promises more than seven million parts and accessories for brand name electronics and appliances.  Simply type in the manufacturer and model number and start shopping.  You may not always find what you want, but you might try your luck here before Ebay.
The Helpful Gardener 
The Helpful Gardener is a handy resource for gardeners. There are tips and advice for the experienced and the novice. Find advice by category. These include rose gardening, container gardening and Japanese gardening. There's something here to suit any taste.
The Daily Green
The consumer's guide to the green revolution.
Ideal Bite
Ideal Bite offers bite-sized ideas for light green living.
Rotten Neighbor
If you’re looking to move, it’s a good idea to check out your new neighborhood first.  Simply type in your new address or ZIP code, and find out if anyone else has written in to complain about the landlord, neighbors or neighborhood.
Rent storage and parking from your neighbors.
Help with your finances.  It has plenty of financial news and advice. But, you'll probably like the calculators the most.  For example, try the credit card calculator. It will tell you how fast you can pay off your credit card. All you need to do is enter your balance, interest rate and monthly payment.
Hot Pads is a map-based real estate search engine, listing homes for sale, apartments, condos, and rental houses.
Listing Book
Listingbook allows you to search just like an agent and provides you access to Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data, public records, recent and past sales, community and school information, taxes, loan calculator, shopping and recreation, and much more. 

My Home Theater
A large television can overwhelm a room. It can also make viewing uncomfortable. So, you want to make sure you pick the right sized set.
This site features a handy viewing-distance calculator. All you need do is plug in a few numbers.
Just put in the the viewing distance and screen size and shape. This will tell you the optimal viewing angle. Or, simply enter the screen size and shape. You'll learn the optimal viewing distance. So, you can quickly see if the set is the right size for your room.  This site can save you money when you buy a set. It will also help you make sure your furniture arrangement is right for your television
The Nest
Home buying help, money management tools, home decorating ideas, and recipes.
Apartment Therapy
Helping people make their homes more beautiful.
Maximize your television reception