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Fit Day
FitDay will help you get a grip on your diet. You can start by setting your weight loss goals. Then, log what you eat every day.
The site gives you detailed information on the food you consume. You can monitor your carbs, fat and protein.
FitDay will give you the motivation you need to achieve your fitness goals. The site is free to use. But, if you want a copy of the software for your desktop, well, you’ll need to pay.
We bring doctors' knowledge to you
The Merck Manual
Online Medical Library
Best Hospitals  
Different hospitals are better in certain areas. So, the rankings are divided into numerous categories.
Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy A doctor-trusted medical resource.
Recognizing a Stroke
Hearing Information
 American Academy Of Dermatology 
The American Academy of Dermatology is the preeminent dermatologic association.  A membership of more than 15,000 physicians worldwide
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry 
Up-to-date information on issues that affect young children, teenagers and their families
Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services 
Test Your Longevity
Calculate Your Body Mass Index

How Does Your Hospital Compare
How Healthy Is Your State? 
Get active, Eat Better, Unwind
Traineo is a free and simple website that gives you the motivation and support to reach your weight loss and fitness goals.
U.S. Fire Administration 
Mindless Eating
Are you a mindless eater?  Are you overeating because of your environment and not because you’re really that hungry?  That’s the question asked by author Brian Wansink in his book “Mindless Eating.” 
Daily Burn
Workout Programs, Exercise Routines, and Food Diary
Organized Wisdom
Enter a health condition to start your search. Then, read the Wisdom Cards to get a quick overview.
All of the resources on Organized Wisdom are handpicked by experts. So, you won’t find spam links or redundant information.
Organized Wisdom is a great way to learn more about health issues that affect you.




Chubby Grub
Nutrition information from your favorite restaurants...all in one place!
The Walking Site
Still resolving to get fit this year?  Why not walk your way to your goal? provides the information, inspiration, and motivation to get you up and going. And don’t just get your goal in the near term.
Flu Information
This is the special site the government set up to inform the nation about the battle against the Avian Flu. The site includes general information about the flu, what it is, who can get it and how… but it also outlines the government’s strategy for responding to any flu pandemic, whether it’s this strain or another.  If you have questions about the Bird Flu and want some easy to understand answers, this is a good place to start.
Live with health at hand, every day
iTriage puts you at the center of your healthcare so you can make confident decisions.

Harvard Health Publications

National Sleep Foundation 
The National Sleep Foundation is an organization dedicated to helping you get your ZZZs.  While that premise may be hard to overcome at first, you’ll eventually find very helpful information here for sleepers of all ages, including what to do if you can’t sleep or sleep enough. 
Drug Information

Before you have your next prescription filled, click here to see if there’s a generic equivalent. The site also offers a wealth of information about these drugs, including side effects, effectiveness and any known interactions with other drugs. You can then use this information when talking with your doctor or pharmacist. 

Remember: never diagnose or treat yourself without a doctor.
Don't Mix Up Your Pills!
Simply enter any imprints you find on an unknown pill. Or, enter its shape and color. You'll get pictures of possible matches.
This site can save you from making a dangerous mistake. And there are other instances where it can help, too.
For example, maybe you found a pill in your teen's room. Is it a powerful prescription painkiller? Or is it merely aspirin? Now, you can get help answering the question.
Workrave will remind you to take breaks and pauses. Customize it to suit your needs. It even recommends exercises to avoid repetitive stress injuries.
Calorie Tracker
Designed to help you gain control over what you eat and how you burn it off.  Simply enter your age, height and weight.. then enter the kind of exercise or activity you do and the amount of time you need to do it.
Clinical Trials
For anyone who’s been diagnosed with any disease or disorder, the promise of a clinical trial offers the hope of a new and perhaps better treatment.  That’s where this site comes in. is run by the National Institutes of Health, and can help link you to help you might not otherwise get.

Just go to the site and type in your condition and location.  This is information only, and there’s no promise that you’ll be let in on the trial.  Still, it’s something to hope for.
Healthy Stuff's mission is to research toxic chemicals found in everyday products. 

Health Map
Global Disease Alert Map
Your Only Source for Allergy and Weather Forecasts!You'll see a four-day outlook for pollen levels.The site also shows you which pollens are particularly active. You'll find information about the pollens, along with treatment options.